123 chat box is a free chatting rooms catalogue website where you may find the best chat box sites online.

A chatbox is a good medium to find other people and strangers online for a good ole chat. This chat box list is a little different in that these chat rooms sites listed allow video and cam to cam between users.

Whether you seek an instant chatbox to talk with others online or a chatbox for your website, we probably list a site that have it. All you will then have to do is visit the site provided.

Take a look at the different shout box options that these sites can provide and see for yourself which one suits you. We break down this directory in several parts as shown below.

Video Chatbox: This type of site provides an instant way to webcam chat and voice between people connected to it.

Text Chatbox: Traditional style of chatting.

Shout Box: Simple way to chat and the first creation.